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Change to Half depth shelf options for Workbenches - no charge

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Only available for the Endurance range of workbenches. Please order the workbench with the correct number of shelves (one or two) and then add this option to tell us to adjust them to half depth.

If you are looking to use a stool or chair with our workbenches then why not swap a full depth shelf to a half depth one?

Order a standard workbench and then use the drop down box below to select whether this option applies to the lower shelf or both shelves (if ordering a double shelved workbench)

You will have 22cm from the front of the workbench leg to the start of the shelf.

This shelf will measure 24cm in depth.

Don't forget you can adjust the height of your workbench too. If lower, there is no charge and if higher, a small extra charge depending on height. Find this option under "Accessories".

The spacing between the shelves is approx 25cm from the base of the shelf to the upper frame. The slats of wood on theses narrower shelves run front to back, as shown in the pictures.


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